First Week Jitters

I’ve started my first week at the McKinney Courier-Gazette. I’ll make sure to post links for those stories somewhere on the site. I’ll probably just dedicate a tab to my clips if I ever take the time out to. The idea of settling in at a new paper was terrifying at first. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still thawing at this new office, but it’s a slow process. Either way, this should be an exciting opportunity and a chance to really expand on the entertainment writing, among other things, that I want to grow old doing.

Before going in, I made sure to cut my hair down. Take note, that Will does know how to clean up. 😉

Fresh out of the gate, on my first day, I made sure to bring on the sweater vest to my final interview at the Plano office of Star news.

I’m amped to be doing something new. Let’s see how things go, and I’ll keep you all updated with links.

– Will, THG



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4 responses to “First Week Jitters

  1. Caitlyn

    Is unthawing a word? 😉 Remember that red squiggly line?

  2. Diana

    Will, this is so incredibly awesome. Keep
    updating so I can know how it goes!!

  3. M. Minasi

    I like the posts you’ve put up so far, Will. You seem to be slipping into the entertainment writer’s shoes without too much struggle. I hope your first week went well, just remember that the Courier Gazette has got NOTHING on The Shorthorn so you are already light years ahead. 😉

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