No, you’re not a misogynist if you don’t like the new Ghostbusters trailer.

It’s been four days since the new Ghostbusters trailer dropped and reactions couldn’t be more divided and vehement. This reboot comes to us 32 years after the first time we were asked ,’Who ya gonna call?’.

The new production features an all-female quartet of Kristen Wiig, Melissa Mcarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the titular team of scientists dedicated to cleansing the big apple of paranormal activity. Take a look at the trailer if you haven’t already caught it.

The day after the trailer dropped, the internet was ablaze with comments.

While some will point to sexism as the reason behind some of the criticism, and others will say the film is pandering to the social awareness of the millennial generation. But before you make your judgement on the movie, I implore you to watch everything that made the original trailer so much fun to watch.

After comparing the two trailers, the difference becomes more noticeable.

For one, the new trailer opens with a reference to the original film from the get go. Just deleting the first slide would drop some of the fan confusion over whether the film is a complete standalone or if it exists in the same universe only 30 years later.

Secondly, when assembling a trailer filmmakers are conscious that everything they are including will be the scenes fans will search for in the film, and for those that don’t see the film, this is all that will stick with them. That said: Why use this platform for an ill conceived exorcist joke?

Tex5he timing of the jokes didn’t hit for one. The inclusion of Wiig and McCarthy made this feel like a rehashed Bridesmaids. And even though Ernie Hudson’s character Winston Zeddmore wasn’t a scientist himself (he was actually an ex-marine), he was a lot more than a TSA worker whose “cousin has a Cadillac” for the gang to borrow.

The problems people pointed out online were varied and to some extent, nitpicky. If you’ve decided not to see it based on the trailer, that alright. But don’t avoid it because of the all-female cast. Avoid it for the bad rehashing of an otherwise classic Dan Akroyd-Bill Murray film. Avoid it because of the horrible CGI or irrelevant Exorcist jokes in a movie that sells itself as serious and NOT a parody.

Bad ¬†trailer aside, I still plan to watch it. Although the trailer could have been put together better, I won’t hold it against the cast or even the actual film. It’s just the first trailer- more will come, and it already looks no worse than Batman versus Superman (which will be bad).

After the success of Bridesmaids, female driven comedies are on the rise. And I for one plan to celebrate that while watching four women try really hard to recapture the magic (and science) that kept New York City safe from a 100 foot tall marshmallow man.




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