About THG

I started this blog as a way express myself and showcase my portfolio. Check back for occasional updates. 

If you’ve ever gotten the urge to rant until your voice is horse, create something for people to see the real you, or forward your entire life in an email, then you may be a blogger.

I’ve always wanted to share the the world as I see, for anybody willing to listen. This blog is a test to see if  I can consistently release the random clutter in my head that gathers throughout the day: My thoughts. Without any form of release, it all gets backed up and regurgitated onto my roommates.

So, The Hideous Gentleman is something to keep my writing sharp, and those around me sane.

Why THG?

If you’ve come to this blog and wondered about the name, then you’re probably not alone. The name is a reference to the novel by David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. In the novel, there are “Brief Interview” chapters that uncover the ugly sides of various types of men. Wallace passed on September 12,2008. He’s my favorite writer, so I made sure to make reference to him in my blog.